XRPeas NFT is a collection of 10,000 adorable, cute and sometimes mischievous little pea characters.
Unlike the proverbial peas in a pod, you will not find any one of our characters to be the same.
Our characters were born out of sheer fun with the idea that we can all own and MINT our very own XRPea.
Each and every XRPea NFT has its own unique traits.
Ranging from eyes, mouth, hands and feet.  As Peas do, ours often find themselves in peculiar places and their main aim and goals are to entertain and amuse you.

Our Roadmap

November 2021

The idea was born.

We all have a love/hate relationship with Peas. Why not create a series of fun and exciting NFT’s showcasing our love for Peas!

Artist commissioned to come up with a fun Pea. (we think he nailed it!)

December 2021

Create and setup the website and Social Media accounts.

Token Creation for use to Mint

Blackhole creator account, so no more can be created

Trustline available

January 1st 2022

We go live!

Hello World 🙂

31 January 2022


15 Feb 2022


(who/where/how to be announced)

Date to be confirmed

Minting goes live.

(subject to XLS 20 update)

We will be using the Xmart platform.


Token Distribution

  • 10,000 XRPeas Tokens Created
  • 5,500 Airdrop (who/where/how T.B.A)
  • 2,500 Pre-Sale
  • 1,250 Pre-Sale Holder Reward
  • 500 Freebies and Give Aways
  • 250 To Pay the Devs